Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Dupatta Draping Styles for Lehenga Choli & Salwar Suits With Indian Styles

As the festivals come up closer and closer the need to wear a traditional look brings up new collaborating styles of Indian and western fashion.

Ladies always look for a new way to dress up their Indian wear as per the trend and fashion. Wearing Indian wear can also look fashion forward with the right kind of styles to dress up.

Navratri is already here, and girls we really think you should look at these new ways to drape up your dupattas. Here I have 10 New ways of wearing a Dupatta on Salwar Kameez and Lehenga choli.

10 Most Popular Dupatta Draping Style for Lehenga & Salwar Suit
We have gathered a few styles which will be appropriate for festival parties and pujas to ceremonies of the year with the trending look.

Get a new look by simply changing the dupatta draping style to look different from the crowd and have your own fashion statement.

Take a look at this Video for learning How to Wear a Dupatta on Anarkali Salwar Kameez in 5 Trendy Ways.

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Dupatta Draping Style 1 For Lehenga – Free from the shoulders on Both Sides
A simple way to drape it is to let it free from the shoulders on both sides, covering your front bodice. Simple and sweet way and still a pretty look as not many do this.

Ways of draping a Dupatta

Dupatta Draping Style 2 for Salwar Suits –  Gathered in pleats
The one side way, gather it in pleats or roughly gather it up and let it hang from front to back well pinned at the shoulder point. This suits salwar kameez the most.

Dupatta, Half side dupatta, Ways of draping a Dupatta

Dupatta Draping Style 3 –   Hang on one Shoulder & Wrist
Let the dupatta hang on one shoulder in front, take the other end from behind and bring it in front at your wrist and pin it at wrist. Easy to dance and do activities as the dupatta won’t come off.

Ways of draping a Dupatta, royal style

Bridal Dupatta Draping Style 4  –  Bigger pleats and place the dupatta on the shoulder
The royal look with this pretty style, take bigger pleats and place the dupatta on the shoulder, it needs to be equal at front and back.
Pick the front inner corner and drape it across loosely from front waist to back waist on the same side.
Then take the back inner corner of the dupatta and bring it over the head as a veil, style is only for Lehenga Choli Attire.
Ways of draping a Dupatta

Dupatta Draping Style 5 – Dupatta with Waist Belt
Belt up the waist and dupatta, wear your dupatta with neat pleats on one shoulder and let it hang freely, then add a waist belt over your waist to hold it straight from waist. This can also be worn on lehenga choli and anarkali suits best.

Ways of draping a Dupatta

Dupatta Draping Style 6 – Lehenga Saree Style Dupatta
Drape dupatta like a saree pallu, simple take the corner of the dupatta and tuck it at the front right waist.
Now take the whole dupatta from the left front to the back and bring the edge line over the left shoulder and pin it up.
This is a style for Lehenga Choli to look like sarees or lehenga sarees.
Ways of draping a Dupatta

Dupatta Draping Style 7 – Rajrani Style Dupatta
The wrap around way, normally looks pretty on Punjabi and Patiala Suits to Lehenga Choli or shararas.
Pleat up big pleats and place them at the left side shoulder keeping it shorter than equal and pin up.
Pull out the inner edge line and take it to the other side of the shoulder and pin it there creating a neat cowl. Now continue draping the edge over the head bringing it on the left side again.
Ways of draping a Dupatta

Dupatta Draping Style 8 – 2 Side Cowl Drape
A simpler way to carry it is pinning it loose on one shoulder shorter than equal on both sides and then taking the edge to the other side but not pinning it in the shoulder, instead holding it on the wrist in gathers.
Ways of draping a Dupatta

Dupatta Draping Style 9 – Gown Style Dupatta
The trail style or back cowl look by just gathering the dupatta and holding it across your wrist on both sides from the back to the front and let it hang freely.
This is perfect for both Lehenga choli and some salwar kameez styles.
Ways of draping a Dupatta

Dupatta Draping Style 10 – One Side Open Dupatta
The one side free drape style just needs one pin up at the shoulder from the edge line and equal length of dupatta on the front and the back hang free.
This can also work well for lehengas to any salwar kameez styles.

Now get the new styles of dupatta draping to increase your fashion style statements at festivals and parties. Choose your new styles NOW!